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1. Introduction
Welcome to the Smart LED Lighting System. This manual describes two types of white bulbs withsame functions, 6W and 9W. Both can work with dual white remote control, or by ioses or androids Appvia wifi controller. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using. Quick and Easy installation of the Smart LED Bulb is the same as any other common light bulb. The bulb must be screwed into the light socket and switched on at the wall for 2.4Ghz wireless operation, allowing the remote control/App to turn the LED bulb on/off, dim/brighten and color change from warm white/cool white. The lighting system uses industry standard 2.4Ghz wireless and has a range of 30 meters.
Secure communication is done by syncing the remote/App and bulb once.
2. Safety Guide
To reduce the risk of electric shock, please ensure the light socket is turned off at the wall light switch before replacing light bulbs. Even though the Smart LED Bulb is cold to touch shortly after normal operation, please be careful when handling the metal cooling fins as they may contain sharp edges.
Always hold the bulb by the acrylic lens. If the light fitting is damaged, please seek professional electrical assistance, or if the LED bulb base is damaged, please discard the LED bulb.
3. Bulb and Wireless Remote/App Installation
3.1 Battery Installation
•Please take the remote control and carefully press the battery cover and push it away in a downward motion. Install two AAA batteries as is shown in the picture, exactly match the negative (-) pole of each battery to the largest spring. Place the battery cover back and install tightly.
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