DMX512 Digital Flexible Led Strip

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Products Information
DMX512 Digital Flexible Led Strip

1) Input Voltage: DC12V
2) Work Power: 37.5W/reel
3) Work Current: 3.16A/reel
4) LED Type: SMD5050 RGB
5) LED Quantity: 30pcs/meter
6) IC Type: DMX512
7) IC Quantity: 10pcs/meter
8) Pixel Quantity: 10pcs/meter
9) Package: 5meters/reel
10) Sizes: 5000mm*15mm*3.6mm
11) LED Color: RGB Rainbow,dream color

Installation Notice:

1. When installation please note that led strips the article input and output port
2. Make sure the input voltage for the article lamp DC12V
3. When used for outdoor, make sure the led strip waterproof

This products can be compatible DMX512 international agreement, realize DMX512 control, compared with other dream strips can save the DMX-SPI controller, so as to enhance the reliability of the product, reduce the cost, the future DMX512 illusion article lights will replace SPI dream of market article colored lights.

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